A timber retaining wall is a landscaping staple. Not only is it a great choice out of the many good choices for a retaining wall in Auckland, but it has some special features that make it a truly special and overall good decision.

While we offer many types of retaining wall installations, we have a special fondness for timber retaining walls. Let’s explore why we believe timber retaining walls are an excellent choice.

Benefits Of Retaining Walls

First, regardless of the materials used to create them, let’s remember that all retaining walls have a number of benefits for your property. These benefits include:

  • Increasing the overall property value
  • Safeguarding against soil erosion
  • Preventing damage from flooding
  • Providing the low maintenance factor for busy homeowners
  • Adding function space and seating

With that being said, we would like to pay special attention to the artistry of the timber retaining wall.

The Beauty Of Timber

The number one reason we adore timber retaining walls is the aesthetic and visual value that timber brings to your outdoor space. Whether you choose treated pine or even hardwood, the look and feel of a timber retaining wall is something to behold. Using wood feels like an extension of the natural space in your yard and lends an authentic and warm tonality to your landscaping.

More than this, timber is exceptional in terms of being budget conscious. Whether you have some extra funds that you would like to use to splurge on a hardwood retaining wall (which further enhances the feeling of prestige and tradition) or whether you need to keep costs as modest as possible by opting for a choice such as treated pine, all timber options have the same type of appeal.

Timber retaining walls all offer strong structural support for your outdoor space and become a statement feature in your garden. If you choose timber for your retaining wall, you can look forward to an option that is durable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and visually amplifying through the use of natural materials. We love creating signature timber retaining walls for our clients and look forward to tailoring our solutions to help them transform their spaces for the better.

If you want to experience and enjoy your very own timber retaining wall, then you know who to call! At The Auckland Landscape Company, we offer various landscaping services, including installing timber fences in Auckland. Contact us today.