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    Landscape For Your Lifestyle

    Auckland's Leading Custom Residential Landscaping

    Custom residential landscaping is a service that should be used by all types of homes ‒ not only those with massive gardens. Garden landscaping changes that you make to your small back courtyard in Auckland can be as impactful as redoing a 100sqm front garden - if done professionally with landscaping services. The Auckland Landscape Company can supply plants, plant support structures, decorative structures, entertainment structures and artwork.

    With professional garden landscaping in Auckland, you can turn an average, mildly interesting outdoor space into a highly attractive, usable space that enhances your quality of life. Whether it’s flopping onto a daybed, rugby with the kids or big dinners on a Friday night, the team at The Auckland Landscaping Company can create a beautiful outdoor space for you.

    I Don’t Know What To Tell My Landscaper!

    When we meet you, we are not looking for a fully laid out vision of what you want or where you want it. Instead, The Auckland Landscape Company team will chat with you and we will pick up clues about how the outdoor space can best serve you. We will then discuss our ideas with you and together we will create a space that makes your outdoor space your favourite happy place.

    Landscaping Benefits

    Benefit #1: Enjoy an outdoor space that serves your needs.

    Benefit #2: The landscape will enhance your homes architecture and style

    Benefit #3: You will get plants that suit your lifestyle, climate, space and needs

    Benefit #4: Work done by The Auckland Landscape Company is accurate, on time and affordable

    Benefit #5: Good landscaping respects environmental needs

    Benefit #6: The value of your home will soar

    Why Choose Us?

    After a number of Google reviews, we have a 4.8-star rating. We have a 5 hammer rating on builders crack. We were awarded silver at the 2018 NZ garden show.

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    the auckland landscape companys silver medal at the NZ flower and garden show
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    Who We Are

    We are a family business who pride ourselves on getting to know their customers.

    By doing this we're able to provide a unique approach to your design and build. This ensures an outcome that fits your lifestyle



    Our Services

    Landscape Design & Maintenance

    We provide tailored landscape design solutions and garden maintenance for homeowners across Auckland.


    Decking & Fencing

    We install a variety of decking and fencing solutions.

    This includes hardwood, pine, and composite decking aswell as timber, metal and picket fencing.

    Garapa Deck


    We install concrete pavers, stone, and outdoor tiles.

    These can be used as a part of a larger landscape design or as a stand-alone patio.


    Retaining and Excavation

    We use excavation and retaining walls to increase useable space.

    We create walls out of keystone blocks, timber and stone.