There are many ways to border your property, including walls, hedges and fences of various kinds. Timber fences in Auckland are a popular option because they look lovely and add a genuinely warm aesthetic to one’s landscape.

However, because they are made from naturally occurring material, timber fences require a fair amount of maintenance to remain in good condition and have a long life span. Here are some tips for ensuring that your timber fence remains in good nick.

Treat It Regularly

Timber fences need to be periodically retreated. This might include sealing, staining, oiling, varnishing or repainting the fence to protect the wood from the elements. As time goes on, water and UV rays can do a number on the treatments used to protect the wood, and so you will have to reapply. Generally, timber fences need to be retreated every two to three years.

Wash It Regularly

As time goes on, your wooden fence will accumulate a fair amount of grime and dirt. Regular washing of your fence can keep it looking new and fresh. It is recommended that you use a pressure washer to clean the fence, as this will help to remove the toughest dirt and will also help to remove any algae or mould that may have started to grow on the panels. In some cases, you might want to create a mild mixture of water, soap and bleach to kill off any growth on the fence.

Maintain The Foliage

If you have a timber fence, you want to make sure that the nearby foliage in your garden is not getting overgrown and encroaching onto the fence. The moisture that plants keep can cause mould and other problems in your timber fence, so it’s best to keep nearby foliage well-trimmed and away from the fence. Moreover, things like roots and vines can force their way in between panels of the fence and cause it to split or buckle.

Manage Pests

Gardens are naturally going to be home to a variety of insects and other small critters. Some of these creatures like to use dead wood to make their homes or might want to burrow through it. Therefore, you should regularly inspect your fence for any signs of termites or other wood-boring creatures. If detected, you should deal with the infestation immediately to prevent them from destroying your entire fence.

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