The humble concrete paver can be used in diverse and fun ways in your garden landscaping plan in Auckland. It can direct the eye, enhance different levels or simply be walked on.

Let’s look at the exciting ways to use concrete pavers in your garden:

Concrete Pavers In An Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower surrounded by rich foliage, flowers and the sounds of nature could be your personal spa experience ‒ your private piece of paradise. On a practical note, it’s a great option for rinsing off muddy feet or salty ocean water and beach sand.

Concrete pavers are a good option for an outdoor shower due to their non-slip feature. They are better than gravel for your drain-off area of the shower as gravel can be painful underfoot.

Raised Flower Bed

A raised flower bed adds layering and depth to your landscaping in Auckland. Ask your landscape services company to help you select the ideal spot for it (or spots for them). It doesn’t have to be a flower bed, it can be easy picking of herbs and vegetables. Raised gardens are less prone to weeds and are easier to pick edible plants from.

Using concrete pavers around the top of the wall as broad coping creates a lovely seating option. You can use concrete pavers with a more textured finish to clad the vertical surfaces of the structure.

Outdoor Cooking And Entertaining

Outdoor cooking is a wonderful option to have for entertaining. It keeps ‘the cook’ connected to the guests on balmy summer nights and includes a free, fresh breeze and blue sky extractor fan.

Concrete pavers create beautiful worktops, or benchtops, as well as the paved floor. You can add sturdy barbeque type stainless steel appliances and don’t forget about sufficient benchtop functional lighting.

Firepit Fun

Define an area in your garden with concrete pavers and install paver clad benches and a firepit for some stargazing, wine sipping and flowing conversation. The firepit will make sure you can use the space on chilly nights too. Your garden and the sky is nature’s TV.

Contact us for more ideas on how concrete pavers can transform your Auckland garden!